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Junk Yards in New York » Phone Numbers and Address of Salvage Yards in NYC

If you want to find a junk yard in the area, you are on the perfect website for it, because we will provide you with their location and how to contact them. So, if you are looking for a junk yard with good parts for your car, stay, because we have high quality junk yards, so you can buy everything your car needs. Don’t waste any more time and call the best junk yards in town.

Locate the best Junk Yards in New York

Do you want to locate the closest junk yards in New York? Don’t waste your time looking at other websites, because we have what you are looking for.

Choose the junk yards closest to you and visit their location whenever you can. Press the button to talk to them.

Anton Junicic Ent. Inc

  • Phone Number: +1 718-768-8884
  • Address: 776 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday: 8:00am–17:30pm



  • Phone Number: +1 718-297-9797
  • Address: 148-36 Liberty Ave, Queens, NY 11435
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday: 8:00am–17:30pm

Hilltop Auto Salvage

  • Phone Number: +1 718-324-0706
  • Address: 4157 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10466
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday: 8:00am–17:30pm

East Coast Auto Salvage

  • Phone Number: +1 718-739-2025
  • Address: 95-50 Tuckerton St, Queens, NY 11435
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday: 8:00am–17:30pm

Sambucci Bros Auto Salvage

  • Phone Number: +1 516-747-0250
  • Address: 1 Denton Ave S, Garden City Park, NY 11040
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday: 8:00am–17:30pm

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